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The Nugget Buster Headphones from Detector Pro are made by the same manufacturer as as the famous Grey Ghost Headphones. These headphones have adjustable muff arms with a padding for comfort. The muff pads are also soft & seal around the ears well to block out external noises & don't put pressure on the external ear against the side of the head. The single volume knob adjusts the volume equally on both sides & it has a by-pass switch to eliminate noise whilst digging. The headphones have a 1/4" jack. Like all the Detector Pro headphones the headphones operate at 150 Ohms. This provides a high degree of signal clarity & brings small barely audible targets to the surface so they can be heard. This is ideal for gold fields & provides an auditory advantage. The slightly lower cost makes these ideal for prospectors who do not have any particular auditory impairment but are just seeking whatever advantage they can.