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Black Widow headphones are made by the same company that brought us "grey ghost" headphones. These have been upgraded to include dual & independent volume control knobs [which is idea for people suffering with uneven hearing loss], like industrial deafness etc. You can set different volume levels so you protect the hearing in the better ear by not over modulating the signal. They also have adjustable overhead muff arms that extend & are padded for comfort. Whilst on the subject of comfort, lets mention the generous ear pads that seal off outside noises, are soft & comfortable & don't squash the external ear against the side of your head. It also has a stereo / mono switch & a bypass switch so you can easily turn off the noise whilst you dig. But by far the best feature of the black widows is the 150 Ohms these headphones operate at. 150 Ohms provides a very high level of sound clarity [not volume]. The clarity is important because small barely audible sound now become audible & that is a huge advantage in the gold fields. These headphones are a customer favourite.